Blue Palm Mission Statement

To cultivate a climate that inspires healthy choices and positive relationships.

To succeed in our mission, the Blue Palm embraces the following philosophy:

Our Yogurt - Our frozen yogurts provide a healthy, guilt-free way to give yourself a treat.  They are carefully crafted to contain high levels of live active cultures, which are considered beneficial to the body because they help insure the proper balance needed for digestion.  For more information go to

Our Store - Every day is a vacation at the Blue Palm. When our guests walk through our doors, they leave their worries outside and enter into an atmosphere of rest and relaxation.  It's a place to celebrate the small pleasures of life.  It's a place to live, eat, and laugh.

Our Staff - Working at the Blue Palm is not just a job; it's about connecting with people and making a positive difference in their lives.  Everyone who works at the Blue Palm treats each other and our guests with respect, which helps build positive relationships.

Our Guests - We invite our guests to "get cultured".  Culture.  Noun.  Superior quality, that which is excellent, having good taste.  Our guests enjoy our good tasting yogurt and htey are treated with superior quality and excellent service.

Our Community - Our goal is to make a positive impact in our community by serving others, one individual at a time.